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Jesse Jameson and the Bogie Beast: Alpha to Omega Series    by Sean Wright order for
Jesse Jameson and the Bogie Beast
by Sean Wright
Order:  USA  Can
Crowswing, 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Changeling Jesse Jameson (aka Jesse de Lacjard) runs, climbs, slides, crashes, and flies into her second nonstop adventure (which is even better than the first) in Jesse Jameson and the Bogie Beast. The nefarious Beast - yet another dad on the Dark Side, an increasingly popular concept in teen fiction - makes brief appearances in nightmares and as black slime this time around. Jesse rescued her mother Cathal in the first episode, Jesse Jameson and the Golden Glow, and the two start off this story together.

They go home briefly, to find that time has passed, and that people they love are lost in the Fairy Kingdoms - stepdad Roger, dog Roamer and Jesse's best friend Jake. Also, Cathal tells Jesse that her actions have set loose the cataclysmic Rumble, a force 'that feeds on discontent'. Soon Cathal and Jesse are chased back through a fairy ring, the sorceror Kildrith in hot pursuit. They start off in Loath, which smells of 'rotten fish and onions', fend off Beastbots, and join forces with Gobbit Iggywig again. After a Gravitunnel takes them to Dragon Cove, they meet giants, find Roger and Roamer, and learn that Jake's toiling in the Goblin Mines.

Soon our heroine has ditched mother and Roger, and quests once more with the Dragon Hunter and Perigold. There's a fantastic fairground, where Jesse has her fortune told by 'Mystic Mo' (whose motto is 'Can you afford not to know?' and who warns of betrayal), and competes against a witch and a troll in the thrilling 'Shape-Shifting Challenge'. Jesse is just catching her breath after that ends when they hear that 'the Rumble is coming!' They take the volcano entrance to the Bogie Beast's subterranean city, where Jesse needs to be fast on her feet to avert disaster for her friends (and to run through a sewer).

Sean Wright sets his series in perilous Fairy Kingdoms, and keeps his heroine hopping at high speed from sizzling frying pan to fiery furnace. It's a high energy, disorganized romp. I love the regular 'Have a horrid day!' greeting, and appreciated the serious moment in this episode, when Jesse achieves a 'rare moment of self-awareness', lets go of bitterness, and thinks 'You are so much more than she is.' This story ends with the introduction of the 'Union of Thirteen' white wizards and Perigold in danger. It looks like Jesse and company will be off to save him next in Jesse Jameson and the Curse of Caldazar.

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