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Dog Book
by Emily Weinstein
Order:  USA  Can
Beau Soleil, 2003 (2004)
Hardcover, Softcover
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Emily Weinstein once again lends her unique vision and compassion for animals to her latest release, Dog Book. This time she focuses exclusively on dogs and invites everyone to 'be a dog's best friend'. She tells us that 'helping animals is rewarding both for the rescued and the rescuer. If more people joined in, the whole world would gain in kindness and be a better place'.

Dog Book includes 41 poignant stories focusing on dog rescues and the people who rescued them, along with 100 oil painting or drawings rendered in Weinstein's unique style. She hopes her paintings and the accompanying stories will not only strike a chord, but also raise people's awareness about the plight of abandoned dogs and the fact that so many of them are needlessly euthanized each year. More than anything she hopes that her work will see 100,000 dogs rescued and registered by September 01/04.

Being an animal lover myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the author's earlier Cat Book, and highly recommend her latest creation. I also commend her for what she's set out to do, to aid the dog rescue effort. Dog Book is a very nicely put together volume full of a wonderful balance of illustrations and stories about the dogs, their rescues and how they have all changed the lives of their rescuers.

Many of the stories are poignant and I have to say, more than couple of them made me cry like 'The Dogs of 9/11'. My favorite, and the one that made me smile most, was about 'Saint Ginny of Long Island', the schnauzer-husky mixed breed who doesn't like felines, but who ends up rescuing many a cat and watching over them all 'with her alert and kind eyes'. A lovely story, and a charming Dog Book!

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