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Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery: The Miracle of Makeup Techniques    by Eve Pearl order for
Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery
by Eve Pearl
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Liz Cooper

In today's image-centered society, many women have considered drastic measures to make themselves look better. Plastic surgery, botox and collagen injections, breast implants all of these procedures occur daily, and they're becoming more commonplace. Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery offers an alternative to going under the knife (or the needle). All you need to look your best are a few well-chosen cosmetic items and the knowledge of flawless application.

Eve Pearl, the 'Emmy award-winning celebrity makeup artist', has put together a comprehensive instruction book to showcase the wonders that can be achieved with the simple touch of a make-up sponge. In Chapter 1, 'Your Skin: So Soft, So Real' she teaches us to examine our skin and figure out which category it falls under. The distinction between 'oily', 'combination', or 'dry' is important to note, and Eve follows through by recommending appropriate products for each skin type.

In Chapter 2, 'Facial Magic: Highlighting Your Own Special Beauty', she reveals more advanced tips of the trade. A variety of women with unique facial features are taught to hide their 'flaws' and emphasize their distinctive assets. From learning to 'define your cheekbones and hide that double-chin', to saying 'bye-bye to crow's feet and laugh lines', every conceivable beauty problem is outlined in detail. Simple and easy to follow directions are accompanied by colorful, glossy pictures.

In Chapters 3 through 5, Eve takes a look at specific facial features and beauty issues. The eyes, brows, nose, and lips are targeted in detail. Chapter 6 focuses on the 'breasts and body: the quest for perfection'. Makeup techniques are emphasized to give the illusion of a larger bust, thus avoiding costly and dangerous surgery. Covering up tattoos, bruises, hickeys, or even age and sunspots has never been easier, thanks to Eve's professional solutions. The final chapter contains more information about 'tools of the trade' and how to choose the best available brushes, sponges and curlers.

Each chapter includes short, attention-grabbing features such as 'Eve's Tips' and 'Eve's Home Remedies'. Did you know that Pepto-Bismol makes a great facemask for sensitive skin? Or that you can use kitty litter to make your own mud mask? Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery is a must-read for anyone in need of fast, inexpensive beauty solutions. Even if you've never contemplated plastic surgery, and you consider yourself quite skilled at applying make-up, Eve Pearl's tricks of the trade are easy to follow and invaluable.

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