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The Gossipy Parrot    by Shen Roddie & Michael Terry order for
Gossipy Parrot
by Shen Roddie
Order:  USA  Can
Bloomsbury, 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Godfrey the parrot is a troublemaker, a 'feathered fool' who just can't stop 'passing on rude remarks' and telling tales. When he gets Pig mad at Snake, it gives him 'such a flutter!'

Michael Terry's illustrations are strong and vibrant, bringing the animals' emotions to life, especially Lion's judicial anger and Godfrey's glee. Lion decides to teach Godfrey a lesson. He feeds him stories from 'a trouble-maker'. Kids will enjoy the rude remarks - like 'elephants have hoses for noses' - that this silly parrot screeches through the jungle. Can you see where this is heading? Of course, the animals eventually learn who the trouble-maker is. Do you think Godfrey learns his lesson?

Read the book to find out. The Gossipy Parrot is great fun, as well as being an excellent vehicle to explore the problems of 'tittle-tattle' with small children.

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