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Trojan Odyssey    by Clive Cussler order for
Trojan Odyssey
by Clive Cussler
Order:  USA  Can
Putnam, 2003 (2003)
Hardcover, Audio, CD
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Swashbuckling. Adventurous. Suspenseful. Breathtaking. Ancient war. Human sacrifice. Daring men. Controlling women. A father's love. Children's devotion. Memories of times gone by. Dreams of times to come. All in one book? Impossible, you say? Then you haven't read Trojan Odyssey. Clive Cussler takes us on the read of a lifetime.

In the previous Dirk Pitt novel, Valhalla Rising, Cussler introduced us to Pitt's fraternal twin children - born to the love of his life after he thought she had died in an underwater earthquake. Like their father, Summer and Dirk, Jr. love the sea and are both involved in the study of marine life. They join Dirk in the adventure of anyone's lifetime, after they discover ancient artifacts in a cave under the sea. A noxious and dangerous brown tide is threatening the waters and marine life of the Caribbean. A storm, the proportions of which have never been seen before, threatens them all, as well as a luxurious floating resort hotel.

Pitt and his lifelong friend and cohort Al Giordino jump in with both feet to sort out the complications that have arisen in their lives. They do it with aplomb and daring - and possibly a touch of devil-may-care. Cussler writes of nail-biting escapades that we, the reader, can only dream of happening to us. His take on the Trojan War is brilliant. His expertise about the oceans gives his adventures credibility. Don't miss Trojan Odyssey, and get set for a surprise ending.

As an aside, Cussler's mentions of Pitts' antique car collection left me drooling. I know that the collection in reality belongs to Cussler. My significant other owns a lovingly restored 1956 Packard Patrician. We attend antique car shows and I have learned to appreciate them. I have seen many beautiful old cars, but have yet to see the Marmon V-16 Town Car pictured on the back cover. Wow! What a vehicle.

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