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The Girls' Book of Success: Winning Wisdom, Tales of Triumph, Celebrity Advice, and More    edited by Catherine Dee order for
Girls' Book of Success
by Catherine Dee
Order:  USA  Can
Little, Brown & Co., 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

The teen years can often be the most frustrating and discouraging years of life. The Girls' Book of Success, subtitled 'Winning Wisdom, Tales of Triumph, Celebrity Advice, and More', uplifts with encouraging offerings.

Editor Catherine Dee tells us, 'I think of The Girls' Book of Success as a 'toolbox' that you can carry around with you, pulling out items as you need them.' Each of the twenty-seven chapters starts with a title and description, such as 'Models for Success.' Included are sections, beginning with 'Winning Wisdom,' quotations and advice from famous women like Oprah Winfrey and Helen Keller, as well as other non-celebrity authors, athletes, and businesswomen. 'Success Stories' offer an in-depth look at the accomplishments of teens and adults - from overcoming disabilities to learning how to fence. 'Female Feat' discusses women in unusual positions of achievement, such as the CEO of a pro football team and the Women's International Chess Master. 'Proud Poems' accentuate triumphs in a unique manner, while 'Fabulous Facts' talks about traits and personality profiles of successful women.

Even though women have made tremendous headway in many regions of the world, a book like this one is an important reminder, to inspire us to reach for the stars. The sections are short enough to read on the run, yet give tidbits of wisdom to contemplate. There are many poor role models in the world, but the women spotlighted here influence in a positive manner. My teen daughter particularly liked the unique and unusual stories about people who overcame obstacles in their lives to find success. The chapter on 'The Social Scene' (involving stories about situations such as dances and belonging to a group) hit home with her current dilemmas in life. Reading about the victories of others who have been there can strengthen morale.

There are other Girls' Book of ... in this series - volumes on Friendship, Wisdom, and Love. The road to success is long and painful at times, and The Girls' Book of Success can provide that extra encouraging push to help achieve your goals in life.

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