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Silent Star
by Tracie Peterson
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Bethany, 2003 (2003)

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* * *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

It is November, 1944, and Andy Gilbert is shunned by the residents of Haven, Pennsylvania. Due to an injury sustained in the car accident that also killed his father, Andy could not enlist. He dropped out of school at fifteen to get a job to support his mother, and has continued to work at the telegraph office ever since. His mother passed away from cancer, and now Andy, alone in the world, is doing a job that makes him the enemy of the town.

Handing out telegrams from the War Department is the most heart-wrenching task Andy can imagine. Those receiving the messages see Andy as a reminder of the deaths of their loved ones, to the point that people avoid looking at him or talking with him because they are afraid of more sorrow.

Estella Nelson never had children, and since she is widowed and her mother recently died, she too is alone. But she clings to her hope in God, the knowledge that God knows her hurts and cares for her. When she sees Andy in the cemetery, she can feel his pain. Estella prays for an open door for friendship to develop, and slowly, Andy lets her into his ravaged life. Will the townspeople ever be able to see past their own tragedies and open their hearts to Andy? Will he truly accept God's love and forgiveness?

Silent Star is a beautifully written portrayal of hope. Often, we feel that God is absent in times of suffering, and Tracie Peterson has allowed the reader to see how His presence can be manifested through the caring of others. Andy's misery is palpable and the story unfolds at a pace that allows the reader to feel the full range of his emotion. Estella is the kind of woman we all desire for a friend, someone who can literally be 'Jesus with skin on' to those around her.

Readers looking for an encouraging inspirational story need look no further than Silent Star. I literally could not put this book down, and have the highest praise for Tracie Peterson as an author. Warmth and love exude from each page, and the reader will be moved to tears at this amazing novel of faith.

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