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Cornflakes    by James Stevenson order for
by James Stevenson
Order:  USA  Can
Greenwillow, 2000 (2000)
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Stevenson communicates his ideas and viewpoints through a combination of verse, graphic design and his own watercolor illustrations. He revels in contrasts, presenting lovely perspectives on what would otherwise be urban ugliness. He gives us hope and renewal through new points of view. In this collection, Little League gives an endearing picture of fathers teaching kids ball skills ... and also 'how to tie their shoes.'

There's a factory that 'just breathes in and out'; garbage bags 'ready for the opera'; greedy 'piglet' trucks waiting at the concrete plant; an indecisive man perusing 'The Clam Box Take-out menu'; and (my favorite) a 'bent old woman' of whom all you see is 'Her coat, her cane, her courage.' There are some very touching verses in this collection, which is my favorite so far, but then I've always liked Cornflakes.

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