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The A-List    by Zoey Dean order for
by Zoey Dean
Order:  USA  Can
Little, Brown & Co., 2003
* *   Reviewed by Sally Selvadurai

Seventeen-year-old Anna Percy has everything going for her - she's academically bright, lives the privileged life of the New York 'old money' elite, and is beautiful. But Anna has issues - her best friend Cynthia has s-o-o much more fun than her! And now Cynthia is going out with Anna's heartthrob, Scott. Cynthia has no idea how Anna feels about Scott, and Anna isn't about to tell her - but Anna really, really wants to get away from the pair!

Anna's parents have been divorced for years and Anna decides that she'll head to L.A. for a stay with her Dad, who hasn't ever been there for her. He's promised to get her an internship with a literacy agency, so that she can spend a productive half year before heading to college. Before she leaves, Anna decides she is going to shed her old persona and become more like Cynthia - make things 'happen', take control, be in charge of her destiny. Los Angeles proves to be all she expected - brash, shallow and over-the-top - and more. There she meets Mr. Perfect, Ben Birnbaum. Will she be able to shake off her feelings for Scott? Will she 'live happily ever after'?

The A-List is delightful for the teen set - it's got plenty of intrigue, dysfunctional families, 'beautiful people', and is light enough for a lazy summer read. However, this is not a book that would appeal on any level to the male of the species; it's a girlie book through and through.

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