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The Perfect Mother    by Aimee Molloy order for
Perfect Mother
by Aimee Molloy
Order:  USA  Can
Harper, 2018 (2018)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

A small number of women who had all given birth in May have formed a group, calling themselves The May Mothers. The one male was dubbed Token and always appeared wearing his baby in a sling. They met at a nearby park under a tree that would give shade to their infants' tender skin.

They quickly became friends and listened and compared their stories of being new parents. The endless nights of walking the floor with a screaming baby. The refusal by the little darling to continue to drink mother's milk. Will the child take to formula? Which brand of diaper is better to use?

All went well as they cried together and laughed as well. Giving advice and taking it. Finally deciding to go out for an evening without babies. Trying to get out for diversion from the little creature that has taken over their worlds. Until! One of the newborns disappears! Not to be found anywhere!

The believed abduction is headline news and the May Mothers are harassed by reporters all hoping they would become the enterprising newsman to break the story and thus make their name in investigative reporting. The search for the child continues and suspense grows as information on the mothers spreads. Not all of it flattering. Word gets out that the authorities are looking at the mothers for answers.

The Perfect Mother is a debut novel. It is described by Kerry Washington as 'a gripping page-turner that explores the pressures of modern motherhood as well as a mother's absolute worst nightmare.' I agree with that statement.

This story might give you nightmares if you happen to be a new mother. The fact that this scenario could easily happen to almost anyone might run icy fingers up and down your spine. The depiction of the May Mothers could apply to many groups, and the characterization is right on. This was a good read that will soon be made into a major motion picture.

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