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I Got A Chicken For My Birthday    by Laura Gehl & Sarah Horne order for
I Got A Chicken For My Birthday
by Laura Gehl
Order:  USA  Can
Carolrhoda Books, 2018 (2018)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Jessica Maguire

What happens when you want amusement park tickets for your birthday, but you get a chicken? You shop for everything on the list that the chicken gives you. You watch as your chicken steals your friends, the cat, the dog, and even your pet hamster! You spend the rest of your time trying to feed and care for your chicken. That doesn't sound like fun!

This is what Ana discovers when her Abuela Lola gifts her this winged pet. Ana grudgingly decides that the chicken 'is better than socks ... or underwear,' but just barely so. Ana can't help but show her disappointment in this awful gift.

However, her bird is no ordinary chicken. The busy bird has no time to eat, and no time to lay eggs either. Instead the fowl has blueprints for building as well as lots of animal friends to help with the task at wing. Right before her eyes, Ana's very own chicken-built carnival appears. It's so much better than the amusement park she wanted to go to.

Four to eight year old readers and their parents will enjoy the colorful, comical illustrations by Sarah Horne. This is a great story to open a dialogue with your youngster about graciously accepting gifts and how sometimes a seemingly unwanted present can be the best gift of all.

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