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Death Makes a Prophet    by John Bude order for
Death Makes a Prophet
by John Bude
Order:  USA  Can
Poisoned Pen, 2017 (2017)
Softcover, CD, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Ernest Elmore used the name John Bude when he wrote mysteries during the Golden Age of Crime Fiction in England. Poisoned Pen Press and British Library Crime Classics joined forces to bring back some of these mysteries for us to enjoy.

In Death Makes a Prophet, John Bude uses Welworth Garden City as his base for an intricate plot and determined characters. A number of exotic religions seemed to gather there in the 1940s, Children of Osiris being one of them.

As with many organizations, there is the usual desire to keep power over the chosen, as well as another plan to take over the leadership of the Children of Osiris for personal gain.

The Children are forward thinking and free spirits. They praise vegetarianism and expect the faithful to follow the rules of the sect. But it turns out that the cult is not as pious as its leader would like them to be.

There is petty resentment, jealousy and closely guarded secrets. Murder occurs and the Children of Osiris seek outside help to solve the mystery of who did the dirty deed. Enter Inspector Meredith, of whom we have read in previous novels.

This is another good book for the lover of mysteries - also the lover of good plots and unique characters. A well-written book like this should not molder on a shelf.

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