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KidGlovz    by Julie Hunt & Dale Newman order for
by Julie Hunt
Order:  USA  Can
Allen & Unwin, 2017 (2017)
* * *   Reviewed by Jessica Maguire

KidGlovz is a graphic novel like no other that I've read. The complex story reads like a novel. The imaginative illustrations, done in black and white, are a skillful work of art. This is truly the finest graphic novel, for eight to twelve year old readers, that I have read thus far.

KidGlovz is a young musical prodigy. His talent at piano is his gift and also his undoing. Kid's horrible uncle controls both Kid's musical career and the child himself. To keep him small, thus more profitable, Kid is hardly fed. He is forced to practice for long, long hours, locked away in his room, his master's prisoner.

One night, freedom, by the name of Shoestring, breaks into Kid's locked world. The young drifter and the musical prodigy begin a journey towards friendship and freedom. It is at this point that I feel the whimsical adventures begin.

On their journey to freedom, Kid and Shoestring encounter many dangers. Both boys have wounds that need healing. I especially enjoyed their meeting of the Brothers Caprine: Dado, Florin, and Jud. The brothers introduce the boys, and readers, into a fascinating underworld of dreams and charms. The boys learn from the brothers that 'Nature heals all wounds.'

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