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The Ominous Eye: The Nocturnals #2    by Tracey Hecht order for
Ominous Eye
by Tracey Hecht
Order:  USA  Can
Fabled Films, 2017 (2016)
Hardcover, Softcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Jessica Maguire

The Nocturnal Brigade is back with another adventure sure to keep middle grade readers, aged seven to twelve years old, entertained and enthralled. Dawn, Bismark, and Tobin are back. The trio is joined by new friends - Otto the owl, Polyphema, and a plethora of other pals.

So far we've met cunning fox Dawn, adorable pangolin Tobin, and the silly sugar glider Bismark. Rounding out this robust and interesting cast of characters is Polyphema, a mysterious tuatara. A tuatara?! Just what on Earth is a tuatara, you may find yourself wondering.

Well, a tuatara is an endangered three eyed lizard that inhabits New Zealand. Scientists suspect the lizards' third eye is used to determine what time of day it is. Strange, no? Polyphema claims that her third eye has special powers allowing her to see into the future.

The future, according to Poly-Poo, as Bismark calls her (because he cannot say Polyphema!), looks bleak for the Brigade and their fellow animal friends. Bismark and Tobin are keen to follow Polyphema's advice, but Dawn is wary of this strange newcomer. Is Polyphema a trustworthy friend or fallacious foe?

Fourth to sixth graders, boys and girls alike, will enjoy book two of this series. But don't let the kids have all the fun! Animal loving adults, like myself, will also enjoy this series. So far I find the Nocturnals series to be a fun bedtime read, a good way to leave the worries and woes of the adult day behind.

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