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An Alphabet in Silhouette    by Natalie Jarvis order for
Alphabet in Silhouette
by Natalie Jarvis
Order:  USA  Can
Egmont, 2016 (2016)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

A clever alphabet book that utilizes the art of shadowgraphy, this unusual volume will bring the whole family together as everyone tries his or her hand at duplicating the letters that resemble animals.

You'll need a spotlight to work with and a few props to augment the use of your hands to create shadows of an alligator, bird, cat and dog, plus a number of other creatures which will take you through the alphabet.

Not only does each page illustrate how to position one's hands to create the intended shadow puppet but you'll also find a full illustration of the finished shadow animal, its name, and capital and lower case letters. A 9 x 27 inch instructional poster is also included with the book and can be removed from the back page and placed where the child can observe the entire silhouette alphabet.

A secondary benefit of this book is that it will probably encourage your child to use this approach to create other silhouette images and pique his or her imagination in other creative ways.

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