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Seriously Shifted    by Tina Connolly order for
Seriously Shifted
by Tina Connolly
Order:  USA  Can
Tor, 2016 (2016)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Tina Connolly, author of the engaging Ironskin fantasy novels for adults, now brings fans the second (following Seriously Wicked) in her YA series starring teen Camellia who is doing all she can to avoid becoming a seriously wicked witch like her mother Sarmine. Cam constantly struggles with witchy ethics while trying to shield her high school classmates from serious magical harm.

In the first episode, Cam saved her boy band crush Devon from demonic possession. She'd like to take their relationship to the next level but is fairly clueless on how to proceed. Fortunately her BFF Jenah has her back in this and other endeavors. Cam badly needs that help as she not only has her mother to deal with, but the rest of her Do-Badders Club as well - Esmerelda, Valda and truly evil Malkin, who all went to college with Sarmine.

Malkin's obsession since college has been 'hunting the lindworm', so why is she here? Apparently the group meets every couple of years and competes to determine who is the best (or should that be the worst?) witch. The four pick students from Cam's school for their contest - the winner will be the one who makes their target's life most miserable in the next five days. How will Cam manage to protect them all from possibly serious and permanent harm?

It's a tough challenge, complicated by the revelation that a classmate, football quarterback Leo is a shapeshifter who desperately needs help learning to control it - and Cam's association with Leo doesn't help her advance herself with Devon! But she manages to foil the wicked witches' nefarious plans, to develop her good witch ethics, ride her bike in the air, and win a kiss from Devon - all with just a little help from her friends.

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