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Song Of The Deep    by Brian Hastings order for
Song Of The Deep
by Brian Hastings
Order:  USA  Can
Sterling, 2016 (2016)
* * *   Reviewed by Jessica Maguire

When author Brian Hastings set out to write this chapter book (and video game) for young readers he wanted the protagonist to be a strong female character for his daughter, and other young girls, to look up to.

Enter twelve-year-old Merryn, our heroic lead. Merryn is memorable for her inner qualities of kindness, bravery, intelligence, and creativity over her appearance. This hardworking young lady lives alone with her father in a small, sea-faring community.

Enchanted by her father's stories of terrifying sea creatures and magical underwater worlds, Merryn wonders if there are any truths to those fantasies when her father doesn't return home from sea. She sets out to find her only kin and discovers more strength, cunning, and bravery than she ever thought possible within herself.

I thoroughly enjoyed joining Merryn on her search for her father. We explored the glow kelp forest and Merrow Ruins. We befriended a clockwork seahorse and helped a Merrow maiden. We even overcame the odds and weren't eaten by scary sea monster, Swish, with whom we became good pals!

It was so easy and pleasurable to lose myself in this magical book for children. As I write I am at the sea and perhaps I'll happen upon Merryn collecting shells and join her and her father for a yummy supper of seashell soup and an evening hearing about their undersea adventures.

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