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The 14th Colony    by Steve Berry order for
14th Colony
by Steve Berry
Order:  USA  Can
Minotaur, 2016 (2016)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

I always enjoy Cotton Malone's romps through history and international intrigue, and learn a great deal along the way. Here's yet another - The 14th Colony is the eleventh in this intriguing series. It postulates that Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II worked together to end the Cold War and bring down the Soviet Union. And it centers on a long term sleeper plot against the United States, set in motion by Yuri Andropov.

This time, Cotton's chief supporter in the White House, President Danny Daniels himself, nears the end of his term and his power to influence events. Cotton is sent by Stephanie Nelle on a mission (authorized by the Russians) to Lake Baikal, Siberia to find out what ex-KGB agent Aleksandr Zorin us up to there - and is shot down. Stephanie's ability to send aid is limited as the Magellan Billet is being dismantled and the acting attorney general most definitely does not have her back. So she calls on Cassiopeia Vitt in France, telling her that Cotton's in bad trouble.

Stephanie has also assigned Danny's nephew Luke Daniels to follow a Russian national in the U.S.. All of them - as well as an attractive U.S. Navy Riverine officer who helps Luke - gather hints of a dire plot involving the zero amendment; fool's mate; suitcase nukes; an ex-KGB sleeper in Canada; a Revolutionary War library owned by the Society of Cincinnati; and plans for a U.S. invasion of Canada during World War II (to form a 14th Colony!) Can they catch up with Zorin before he executes his plan and sows chaos?

As always, Steve Berry takes readers on a wild thrill ride and, as always, it's well worth reading his Writer's Note on what is, and is not, historical fact, at the end of the novel.

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