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The Un-Prescription For Autism    by Janet Lintala & Elizabeth Mumper order for
Un-Prescription For Autism
by Janet Lintala
Order:  USA  Can
AMACOM, 2016 (2016)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Jessica Maguire

Parents of children with autism know all too well the associated challenges that come with this diagnosis. An array of other conditions ranging from sleep deprivation and irritability to constipation typically accompany autism.

You've probably seen those drug commercials on TV for seemingly every condition under the sun ... and heard the scary list of side effects (fainting, extreme nausea, death!) It seems as though treating the symptoms is more dangerous than the condition itself. Dr. Janet Lintala, along with Martha W. Murphy, offer parents a natural approach to handling these problems without resorting to more medicine that might actually cause even more complications.

I found the beginning chapters very interesting despite how little I actually know of autism and the challenges of living with this condition. The first chapter, titled The Rules Of Tack Sitting, is particularly helpful with its outline of autism and the challenges it causes. What is tack sitting, you may wonder? As outlined by Dr. Sidney MacDonald Baker 'If you are sitting on a tack, it takes a lot of aspirin to feel good ... treatment for tack siting is tack removal. If you are sitting on two tacks, removing one does not produce a 50% improvement. Chronic illness is ... multifactorial.'

To help deal with issues such as constipation or gassiness, without adding more prescription medication, helpful tips are suggested such as introducing a probiotic to your child's diet or specific enzymes. How and why these measures work are detailed as well, with charts to help parents and children get started.

The chapters are nicely broken down into easy-to-follow sections that keep from overwhelming parents and curious readers. The medical aspects are discussed and described in such a manner that one does not need a medical degree to navigate the chapters.

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