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Shining Sea    by Mimi Cross order for
Shining Sea
by Mimi Cross
Order:  USA  Can
Amazon, 2016 (2016)
Softcover, CD, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Seventeen-year old Arion Rush and her sister Lilah are California girls. With a sea captain as their dad, they've grown up with the ocean as their second home. Things change when Lilah goes missing and is found adrift at sea, too traumatized to speak. She is the only survivor of a stolen boat. Arion Rush has always been her older sister's top fan. Whatever Lilah does, Arion has her back. When Lilah began sneaking out at night, she knew Arion wouldn't tell. Now it's too late.

The story begins a year after the tragedy. Lilah's health is unimproved. She still cannot speak. She spends her time sleeping and staring out the window. No one knows whether she sees the nearly invisible San Francisco Bay or the fog-shrouded Golden Gate Bridge. Her blank eyes and atrophied muscles haunt Arion and the ocean that she's always loved now frightens her.

Arion's parents agree to an experimental surgery for Lilah that will take place later in the year. Meanwhile, Arion's dad is offered a job as lighthouse keeper in Rock Hook, Maine. Since the job won't wait, Arion and her dad leave her mother and sister in San Francisco to await the surgery.

Arion's dad grew up in Rock Hook, and the little coastal town welcomes them. Arion makes friends and quickly fits right in. She even has two possible boyfriends. Logan is funny, moody and happy to follow her lead in their relationship. Bo, a home-schooled surfer, is mysterious, brooding and aloof.

Shining Sea is a fantasy featuring sirens, mysteries and a love story. It is well written and not easy to put down, but the conclusion is frustrating to readers who think a book should have an ending. This one is a cliffhanger. I love trilogies and series but I don't like cliffhangers so that's reflected in my rating.

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