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Original Cyn
by Sylvia Dickey Smith
Order:  USA  Can
White Bird, 2016 (2016)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Cyn Carter, the wife of a preacher, does what she does every day. Gets up, throws on some clothes, finger-combs her hair, and listens to her husband sarcastically remind her that he has some place to be at 8:00 a.m. and needs breakfast before he leaves the house. Same thing, same time, same place. Same feelings of just marking time in her life.

Her son has left for college and their house seems even emptier than it has ever been. There certainly is no love lost between Wilburn and herself. She feels he can barely stand being with her. Cyn knows she can barely stand being with him. She attends church only so the congregation will think that Cyn and Wilburn have a good marriage. Without her son beside her in the pew it becomes harder and harder to sit and listen to Wilburn hypocritically preach about love and compassion.

Cyn's sister Dee comes to visit and helps Cyn to recognize that the women in his congregation only rally around Cyn to gain access to her husband. One of those women is Cyn's best friend Ginger. Wilburn professes that he is faithful to his wife. Can she believe him?

As Cyn decides to leave Wilburn, he is caught in an extremely embarrassing position and the congregation is divided as to whether he has any right to continue as their pastor. She realizes she can't desert him at this juncture, but where does that leave her? They both fight the media who are determined to flush out the whole story.

On top of this, Ginger betrays Cyn. Her son arrives back home and confronts the situation. His take on his home life brings their problems to a head. What decisions can they make that would bring harmony to their home? Is there any love left in the marriage?

Original Cyn by Sylvia Dickey Smith could be anyone's story. It is passionately told with a true feel for the problems that can exist in a marriage. As well as what must be done to continue in a marriage where there is little communication or love.

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