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50 Plus!: Critical Decisions For the Rest of Your Life    by Robert L. Dilenschneider order for
50 Plus!
by Robert L. Dilenschneider
Order:  USA  Can
Kensington, 2015 (2002)
Hardcover, Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Carrol Wolverton

More Than Critical Decisions ...

Full of excellent career advice for everyone, 50 Plus! covers the gamut of the job search, a search the author describes as a job in itself. He hopes to help those in their fifties and older who find themselves out of work. Although not as bad as it once was because of the aging population, there are definite things a career seeking person can do to better the odds. Fifty-three percent of resumes contain untruths. Don't risk this. People change after fifty. They feel less powerful, less attractive, and less relevant. Too many feel invisible. I would say this is especially true for women. Control anger and take the high road.

Pay attention to being current. Be sure that suit is up to date, that tie is current fashion, the hair, nails, shoes, etc. are on par with the job being sought. That old stuff in the closet needs to go. This is where I fault him. Though he goes into great detail on men, his coverage for women can only be described as vanilla. Women need to dress conservatively. While I agree with this, women, as with men, need to pay attention to current fashion, hem length, hair style, nails, and briefcase, just as do men. That purse needs to be good quality and matching. The best part is that women can sometimes do this at thrift shops if the budget is weak. He doesn't address their needs except in a cursory way.

Those who achieve success are those who work the hardest at it. Yes, you post your qualifications online, but there is so much more. Be sure to use searchable words reflecting skills employers want. Tailor that resume to each job application. Approach companies and industries you desire. Use contacts and develop more. There is an art to this that he covers in detail. He recommends personal, hand-written thank you notes because they are always read and no one any more bothers to send them.

Be flexible with salary and terms. Contract work may be an option because corporations fear hiring older workers for fear of health insurance costs and salary demands. Cover these options. Avoid toxic situations if you learn about them. We're too old to put up with mean and petty people. They are out there.

Have a plan and work your plan. Don't quit an existing job until you have another one. Employers want to know about all gaps, even with women. Have a good story for those gaps. Dilenschneider recommends buying one share of stock in companies you seek. As a stockholder, they are obliged to provide you with important names and contact information. Present yourself as a stockholder. Self-employment or a business continue to be options. Research and a plan are most important. Be prepared to work your heart out. Such businesses need to be in an area you know and love. If the work is your calling, you will do so much better. Location is critical.

As with so much else, attitude is everything. So often, we get what we expect from ourselves. Never give up. There is that job and opportunity out there. The challenge is in finding what is right for you. Job good; life good the author tells us.

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