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Secret Coders
by Gene Luen Yang
Order:  USA  Can
First Second, 2015 (2015)
Hardcover, Softcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

Secret Coders is an amazing graphic novel, perfect for middle grade readers who love action and science. Gene Luen Yang and Mike Holmes have created a fast-paced story that reads like a giant puzzle. In fact, each chapter ends with a problem for the reader to solve.

Hopper thinks her new school looks more like a haunted house than a place of learning. Before the bell can even ring for her first class, she incurs the wrath of the janitor and makes an enemy out of one of the most popular boys. Creepy birds also seem to follow her around everywhere, but it is with the help of these birds that she makes friends with Eni, a reserved but popular basketball player.

With Hopper's help, Eni proves his theory that the birds are actually machines that run on binary. However, they are not the only animals on campus that are actually machines. With a little ingenuity, the two manage to break into the janitor's shed where they find a turtle programmed to clean the sidewalks. As Hopper and Eni delve deeper into the school's mysteries, Hopper learns more about coding ... and about making friends.

Secret Coders is just awesome on so many levels. Hopper is a great protagonist with a quirky personality that is easy to love. Eni makes a perfect sidekick with his reserved personality and utter brilliance. The artwork is totally fun and complements the fast-paced story line to a tee. What really elevates Secret Coders, though, is how much fun Yang and Holmes make learning. The reader learns about coding right along with Hopper without actually realizing it.

Secret Coders is a must read, even for reluctant MG readers. Gene Luen Yang and Mike Holmes have crafted a rocket start to what promises to be an amazing series. The cliffhanger at the end made me what to immediately find the next installment.

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