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Silver Eve    by Sandra Waugh order for
Silver Eve
by Sandra Waugh
Order:  USA  Can
Random House, 2015 (2015)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Silver Eve is the second (following Lark Rising) in Sandra Waugh's YA fantasy series, Guardians of Tarnec, and the writing was much smoother this time, with faster action and more interesting characters.

The first episode introduced timid Lark Carew and her cousin Evie, who grew up together after their parents died when their village Merith was attacked by the Troths. After a villager was killed by Troths, Lark (a Seer) sought the help of the mysterious Riders, learned that she was one of four Guardians of Tarnec (the Earth Guardian), and fell in love with Rider Gharain.

Silver Eve is her cousin's story. Seventeen-year-old Evie, a Healer, has left Merith, devastated by the death of her beloved Raif. She wanders, healing survivors as the Troths overrun other villages. She would welcome her own death and even seeks it in Rood Marsh. There she meets ancient seer Harker, who also encountered her cousin.

Harker offers a verse and obscure advice. Curious Evie casts the Insight spell with unintended consequences. Monstrous attacks follow - and rescue by Rider Laurent, who had already made an impression. They fend off further attacks together and Eve learns that she is the Guardian of Death and must seek an amulet just as Lark did. But the Breeders will try to manipulate her into destroying it.

The episode ends on quite a cliffhanger. Sandra Waugh has found her stride in Silver Eve, and though I cannot recommend the series yet, it is definitely getting more interesting.

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