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A Ghostly Demise: A Ghostly Southern Mystery    by Tonya Kappes order for
Ghostly Demise
by Tonya Kappes
Order:  USA  Can
HarperCollins, 2015 (2015)
Paperback, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

The part owner of a funeral home, Emma Lee Rains makes her living working with the dearly departed but she never thought her job would also entail serving as the go-to-person for those folks whose deaths were also unsolved homicides.

Although she didn't ask for her special gift, Emma can see and converse with the dead. Those who seek her out do so because they can't rest in peace until their murders are solved and Emma is their sleuth of choice.

In this latest adventure Emma is approached by the town's former drunk who mysteriously disappeared one day. In spirit form he's back to get Emma to locate the person who caused his demise. While she reluctantly launches her investigation, a corpse, this one of more recent vintage, shows up in the village and naturally he wants some assistance also.

Because the two apparent murders are related, Emma adopts a the more the merrier attitude and toils on to try to uncover the person behind these two crimes.

Thanks to a cast of local characters who are all a bit eccentric, this suspense story has plenty of humor. The fact that Emma doesn't exactly relish her role as a private investigator for those whose violent deaths remain unsolved also adds another element of humor to the proceedings.

Normally I am not a fan of mystery stories that feature ghosts, but this series is so amusing and the characters so likeable that I am more than willing to set my skepticism aside because Tonya Kappes is obviously having fun writing this series and it is very entertaining.

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