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Princess Patty Meets Her Match    by Charise Mericle Harper order for
Princess Patty Meets Her Match
by Charise Mericle Harper
Order:  USA  Can
Hyperion, 2014 (2014)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Princess Patty is a no nonsense little royal who decides to be proactive, so she goes out to find her Prince Charming. Lacing on her hiking boots and slipping into her super sparkly backpack, Princess Patty takes to the road to find her prince.

At the first castle she comes to, Princess Patty finds a prince who wants her to try on a glass slipper but he can't get her boot off. Since he hasn't 'mastered laces', this prince doesn't get anywhere with Princess Patty.

Next she encounters a brave, young prince netting dragonflies. Hmmm. This encounter seems to be another waste of time. Then there's the valiant young prince who assumes the Princess has consumed a red apple and insists on kissing her to wake her up. He's been practicing his kissing and is ready to give Princess Patty a big smooch but she isn't interested.

And so it goes, until poor Princess Patty is ready to throw in the towel and head back to her castle. In fact, she wasn't so sure she really wanted a prince anyhow, but when she gets home there's a surprise awaiting her.

Like all princess stories, there will be a 'They lived happily ever after!' conclusion to this funny tale but I'm not going to share how Princess Patty's story ends.

The author has fun with the traditional prince-princess stories in this picture book and youngsters, five years of age and older, will delight in how Princess Patty actually does meet her match. The cartoon art is fun and Charise Mericle Harper's wry sense of humor is refreshing, although younger readers will not get all of the visual humor (mom and dad will, though!)

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