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Sunshine on Scotland Street
by Alexander McCall Smith
Order:  USA  Can
Anchor, 2014 (2012)
Hardcover, Softcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Alexander McCall Smith is a most prodigious author with five adult series plus a series for children to his credit. Anyone who has read just one of his books is quickly hooked, ready to be immersed in Smith's stories. Each and every one is a treasure.

Smith has an obvious delight in his own stories and transmits that delight to his readers. In Sunshine of Scotland Street, Angus looks forward to his own wedding but is unaware of the things that must be done to achieve a married state. On the wedding day, he still has not purchased a ring. And his dress kilt, he discovers the morning of the wedding has a large moth hole in a front panel. Without his good friend, he might still be single.

Angus's wee doggie Cyril has an adventure while Angus and his new bride are on their honeymoon. Young Bertie has promised to care for Cyril but Bertie's mother has different ideas. The reader is treated to Cyril's meanderings while the honeymooners are away. We try to understand Bertie's mother a true martinet who has named his baby brother Ulysses! Bertie doesn't understand why, and his mother refuses to enlighten him.

The lives of other inhabitants of Edinburgh are chronicled and discussed. Smith's outlook on life is well worth reading and contemplating. He gives us his knowledge without reservation and, I am sure, is happy to do so. He doesn't insist we agree with him. I think Smith just wants to let us digest his take on the world and decide what to do with his insights.

He is also the author of The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency which was received with great acclaim. It was made into a series for TV. Good watching.

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