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The Sheep in Wolf's Clothing    by Bob Hartman & Tim Raglin order for
Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
by Bob Hartman
Order:  USA  Can
Lion Hudson, 2014 (2014)
Hardcover, Softcover
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

My name is Little Sheep and I live a very peaceful life. In fact, it is too peaceful and I am often bored. One day I decided to do something really exciting. I decided to become a wolf. My parents weren't too happy but they did provide me with a wolf suit.

'It's just a phase. She'll grow out of it,' my parents said.

Once my disguise was finished and I practiced howling, I was off to Wolf School. It was there that I met Little Wolf and we became friends. Then one day Little Wolf invited me over to his house for dinner. With grave misgivings I agreed to go.

Oh dear, you can imagine my reaction when I arrived at Little Wolf's house only to discover that his father had caught my parents and was planning on serving them with vegetables for dinner.

What a predicament! But Little Wolf and I figured out how to save the day (and my parents too). You'll have to read my book to see what we did.

I think you'll like my picture book and the brilliant illustrations. This is a funny story and it should make you laugh too.

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