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Dogs Rule Nonchalantly    by Mark Ulriksen order for
Dogs Rule Nonchalantly
by Mark Ulriksen
Order:  USA  Can
Goff, 2014 (2014)
* * *   Reviewed by Jessica Maguire

Readers young and old will enjoy Dogs Rule Nonchalantly. The short descriptions that accompany the color illustrations on every page are sure to delight. Perusing this book and enjoying the illustrations brought back memories of the time I had with my childhood dog.

Author Mark Ulriksen has clever insights into the lives of dogs such as 'Dogs are clever. They eat well and never do the cooking.' He also tells stories about all of the dogs with whom he has shared his life and the impact they have had on him. I enjoyed reading about all six of Mr. Ulriksen's dogs: Saber #1, Henry, Doog, Cleo, Ted, and Bernie.

Of all the drawings, the portrait of Bernie is my favorite. I think that Bernie, despite his penchant for peeing in his food at supper time (because he just got that excited), is the cutest of them all. The captivating drawings include cats as well. I appreciate this gesture as I am one of those people who swing both ways ... I love both cats and dogs (although, until I get my Husky, I do share my life with cats and a rabbit right now).

Mark Ulriksen has an interesting background. He decided to learn how to paint after a dream in which he hit a home run in a baseball game ... with a paint brush as his bat! He's a quite accomplished illustrator, having had his work featured in The New Yorker, the Smithsonian, as well as The Library of Congress.

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