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Unmade: The Lynburn Legacy #3    by Sarah Rees Brennan order for
by Sarah Rees Brennan
Order:  USA  Can
Random House, 2014 (2014)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Unmade follows Unspoken and Untold as the third and final episode in Sarah Rees Brennan's wonderful Lynburn Legacy series. It's set in Sorry-in-the-Vale, England, where seventeen-year-old Kami Glass now lives after growing up in America. Kami plans to be a journalist and her best friend is Angela.

The first book introduced confident, energetic Kami who had always shared thoughts with a boy, Jared, whom she had never met in person. He was always in her head, but after the Lynburns come home to their manor overlooking the sleepy little town, Kami met her imaginary friend (and his look-alike cousin Ash) in person. And she wondered why townsfolk feared his family.

Turns out that Sorry-in-the-Vale is a magical hub and the Lynburns are sorcerors who once ruled the area and made human sacrifices to garner power. They did so again in the Untold, but Jared went against his family to save Kami's small brother. His link to Kami was broken and he disappeared - is he dead? Kami is now mentally connected to Ash - as source and sorceror, they wield power together and intend to use it to protect friends and home.

As Unmade opens, Aurimere House is surrounded by a ring of fire and Jared's father Rob has demanded a sacrifice from the town. Kami's mother Claire, fearing for her children, works for the sorcerors, causing tension in the family. Claire has told Kami that Jared is dead but she doesn't believe it and intends to find and save him.

Of course, she does so. The fight is on, but there are complications (Kami's link with Ash), brave sacrifices, tremendous courage and heartrending losses. It's very well done but what I liked best in the novel was the relentless humor that accompanies the angst and action. The Lynburn Legacy is great entertainment, not to be missed!

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