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Once Tashi Met a Dragon    by Anna Fienberg, Barbara Fienberg & Kim Gamble order for
Once Tashi Met a Dragon
by Anna Fienberg
Order:  USA  Can
Allen & Unwin, 2014 (2014)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Something is very wrong in Tashi's village. Once a year the dragon on the nearby mountain sends rain to soak the ground which will help the rice grow. This year there has been no rain and now it is so dry the forests are exploding in flame and the earth is bone dry.

Tashi knows something must be done. So after he meets a friendly white tiger who points the way to the dragon's lair, the little boy sets out to discover why there's been no rain.

You'll be surprised by what Tashi discovers when he reaches the mountain top, but it's quite a story. A demon has upset the dragon family and they'll need Tashi's assistance to correct the situation. Of course, once all is well the rains will again fall and the little boy's village will be saved.

As dragon stories go, not only does this one have a few interesting wrinkles (I'll let you discover what they are) but the corresponding art work is also excellent without making the dragons appear to be too scary.

Children in the four or five year old range will like this longer tale that nicely bridges the gap between simple picture books and the chapter books that older children transition to eventually. This is part of a series, so if you wish to follow Tashi's further adventures, it is possible.

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