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A Visit to Dr. Duck    by Rosemary Wells order for
Visit to Dr. Duck
by Rosemary Wells
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2014 (2014)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Felix's mother notices that he isn't his usual self. He doesn't want pancakes for breakfast and neither chamomile tea nor sugared prunes make him feel any better. Even fresh air doesn't improve the situation so Felix's mother gets on the phone to Dr. Duck.

When the doctor says to bring Felix right over to the office, Felix becomes a little anxious. When they get there, the kind doctor listens to Felix's heart, looks in his ears and takes his temperature. Then Dr. Duck gives Felix two spoonfuls of Happy Tummy and says, 'Call me in the morning.'

When he wakes up the next morning Felix feels so much better that he wants to go to the circus. Hooray, he feels like his old, perky self!

This board book will assuage any fears a child might have about going to see the doctor plus there are some tips on the back cover on how to stay perky. Follow Dr. Duck's sage advice and you'll be very, very healthy.

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