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Never Coming Back
by Tim Weaver
Order:  USA  Can
Viking, 2014 (2014)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

British Author Tim Weaver makes his North American debut with the thriller Never Coming Back. Be sure to be first in line to get your copy. It will grab you on the first page and not let go until the very last.

Emily Kane approaches David Raker, a missing persons investigator, months after the disappearance of her sister Carrie, Carrie's husband and two daughters. Carrie's house was left unlocked, with food cooking on the stove, the TV still on, and the dog running loose in the house. Their car was in the garage.

Emily tells Raker that the police didn't seem too alarmed and hadn't brought her up to date for months. It's obvious that Emily is distraught and needs some answers. This took place in a quiet fishing village on the coast of Devon, England.

Descriptions of the ocean's force and appearance alone make the book worth reading, but the action also keeps the pages turning quickly. The wonderful cover of the book sets the mood for time spent in a desolate fishing village wiped out by a storm, with ruined cottages and treacherous footing. It tells a tale of the havoc weather can wreak.

The characters people the story with both goodies and baddies. We travel to Las Vegas to meet some of the not-so-good ones. Raker soon realizes that there has been a cover-up dating back many years, costing many lives. Could the disappearance of this family be connected? And, if so, what part does the storm ravaged village play?

Raker risks life and limb to help Emily but questions his own role. It brings him closer to a revelation from the past that will surprise him as well as us. This is a good book by an author whose previous three thrillers were very well received abroad and were translated into many different languages.

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