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Titanic: April 1912: Survivors    by Kathleen Duey & Karen A. Bale order for
Titanic: April 1912
by Kathleen Duey
Order:  USA  Can
Aladdin, 2014 (2014)
* *   Reviewed by Jessica Maguire

Karolina Green is returning to the United States from England with her Aunt Rose. Karolina experienced a terrible loss when her parents were killed in an accident while in England. What she does not yet know is that tragedy will soon strike again.

Young Gavin Reilly is leaving his family in Ireland to join his brother in America. To earn his passage to America, Gavin is working in the galley of the grand ship, the Titanic. However, Gavin fears the open ocean and possibly drowning if he falls overboard. Little does he know he will soon be facing this fear.

Gavin and Karolina's lives will come together in ways they cannot imagine. Gavin notices Karolina as she boards the ship. Soon, despite their class difference, the two become friends. Their friendship becomes even stronger one fateful night.

One evening, while on one of the ship's grand decks, Karolina and Gavin see an iceberg. They hear the great ship's engines grind to a halt. Then there is a shudder and the sound of tearing metal piercing the cold night air. The ship has hit the iceberg and is slowly beginning to sink!

Together, the galley boy and the passenger girl try to warn others of the danger they are all in. What will happen to Gavin and Karolina? Will Karolina face even more tragedy and lose her aunt too?

This chapter book is perfect for readers eight to twelve years of age. Although the characters and story are fictional, the sinking of the Titanic and the struggle for survival of her passengers are very real. With an easy to read narrative and a fast-paced story, this novel is sure to delight youngsters, as well as teach them about the sad truths of the grand ship once deemed unsinkable.

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