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Six Iron Spiders: An Asey Mayo Cape Cod Mystery    by Phoebe Atwood Taylor order for
Six Iron Spiders
by Phoebe Atwood Taylor
Order:  USA  Can
Countryman Press, 2007 (1942)
Hardcover, Softcover, Paperback
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Six Iron Spiders by Phoebe Atwood Taylor takes place in 1942 as the United States has entered the First World War and the population of the country is doing their best to hold up their end of the conflict.

Asey Mayo has been working in a tank factory and is home for a few days of rest. However, that is not to be. He reaches his home in the back country of Cape Cod to find no one there or even expecting him. He lives in the family home that his cousin Annie keeps for him.

Instead of a welcoming committee, he finds a dead neighbor! Philomen Mundy has been hit on the head with the ever popular blunt instrument. To make matters worse, the corpse disappears. Poor Asey blunders from one scene to the next, not finding who might have killed poor Philomen but more incidents with which he must put his well-known detecting skills to work.

No matter what century, a mystery is a mystery and a murder must be avenged.

The author, Phoebe Atwood Taylor, was born in Boston in 1909. Her first work was published in 1931 when she was 22. She was one of the first writers to bring murder to the regional area rather than the urban slant, writing during the golden age of mystery writing. She packed her books with Cape Cod detail.

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