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Healthy Joints for Life    by Richard Diana order for
Healthy Joints for Life
by Richard Diana
Order:  USA  Can
Harlequin, 2014 (2014)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

In Healthy Joints for Life, Dr. Richard Diana, an orthopedic surgeon and former NFL player, presents 'An Orthopedic Surgeon's Proven Plan to Reduce Pain and Inflammation, Avoid Surgery and Get Moving Again'.

In the Introduction Dr. Diana talks of the anguish of watching his mother suffer from aggressive rheuatoid arthritis, part of his motivation for 'studying the science behind inflammation and devising ways to defeat it.'

The volume is in two parts - Understanding Joint Pain and The Healthy Joints for Life Program. Part One addresses inflammation; how joints work and what can cause problems with them; foods and supplements that can help; and the benefits of exercise (with specific suggestions and diagrams for different resistance exercises).

Part Two presents a gradual eight week program aimed at reducing pain and inflammation. The author suggests removing certain items from your kitchen and stocking it with others (he even suggests menus), and discusses what is needed to implement a good exercise program. Further chapters continue to introduce healthy lifestyle changes (diet, exercise and supplements) week by week, including meal and exercise schedules.

Appendix I covers more details of cell science, inflammation and supplements. And in Appendix II, the author explains 'How the Healthy Joints for Life Lifestyle Works to Battle Heart Disease and Decrease Cancer Risk'.

If you already suffer joint pain, or anticipate it in your future based on family history, then Healthy Joints for Life is well worth a look. Even if you don't foresee joint problems, the book explains how to move towards a healthier lifestyle, something of benefit to us all.

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