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The Expedition to the Baobab Tree    by Wilma Stockenström order for
Expedition to the Baobab Tree
by Wilma Stockenström
Order:  USA  Can
Archipelago Books, 2014 (2014)
Softcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Barbara Lingens

Stories of slave women sold and separated from their families and babies have been told before. What is different about The Expedition to the Baobab Tree is the dream-like yet purposeful and compelling way this story unfolds. It is a rare treat to be able to read such beautiful prose. We feel we are in the hands of a poet writing prose — and we are.

Wilma Stockenström has written drama, poetry and fiction and has won prizes for all. She is considered an important writer of Afrikaans. We can be grateful that the distinguished author J. M. Coetzee translated this work to English. Doing this brought Stockenström international attention, and as a result she has been honored in the Netherlands and Italy for her work.

Consider this passage: 'How long is the life of a man? From one wink to another of the lightning. From the fuller swelling of the drop to its fall.' The Expedition to the Baobab Tree is a short novel but definitely worthy of close attention.

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