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Abby Cadabby Up and Down: Brand New Readers    by Sesame Workshop & Ernie Kwiat order for
Abby Cadabby Up and Down
by Sesame Workshop
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2013 (2013)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Sesame Street characters Abby, Elmo and Oscar the Grouch are featured in this reader that contains four short stories that will start beginning readers on the right path to reading proficiency.

In the first story Abby is looking for a basket to carry a plant in and Elmo is going to give her some assistance finding one. Since she is riding her bike, Abby needs a basket that is just the right size to fit on the handlebars. It will take Elmo a while to locate the right fit, but he will!

Next up, Abby and Elmo are playing with a toy boat in Abby's wading pool. Elmo decides to see if the boat can carry an apple. One apple makes the boat tilt backwards but two balances the load. Perfect! Well, it is perfect until Elmo decides to eat one of the apples.

The third story finds Abby and Elmo preparing for a picnic outing. The pair must pack the basket carefully so everything fits. Oops, now the basket is too heavy. Of course, Elmo has an idea. Eat some of the goodies now and then the basket will be manageable!

Finally, in the last story Abby decides to play with Oscar's trash can. Naturally, Oscar is not too thrilled with someone messing with his house so finally he pops up and shouts, 'Scram!'

Parents should first read the instructions on the inside cover for helping a brand new reader and then enjoy this book with their youngsters. The variety of stories and familiar characters will make this a positive experience for any child just beginning to master basic reading skills.

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