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Sky Shifter: Quests of Shadowind #1    by L. A. Miller order for
Sky Shifter
by L. A. Miller
Order:  USA  Can
Millhouse Press, 2014 (2011)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

If you are looking for something new in younger young adult sci-fi, look no further than L. A. Miller's Quests of Shadowind series. The first book, Sky Shifter, introduces readers to an intrepid pair of siblings thrust into a strange new world.

Logan and Mindy Oakes were just typical teens until the awoke one morning to find themselves on a strange world devoid of parents, and populated by mechanical animals. While some of the kids rejoice in this fact, most are concerned, so they band together to find a solution. When Logan learns that he can go inside his computer, he discovers a whole new world and the answers to some of his questions. Together, the siblings must navigate the computer world to stop a virus and gain the Staff of the Sky Shifter if they ever want to return to their friends.

The first part of this book had an awful lot of stuff going on. Miller has some great ideas, but by trying to combine them all into one world, he made the story more unbelievable than speculative fiction should be. Logan and Mindy, though, do make for a dynamic team, and they kept the story moving. The second part of the book, which mainly takes place inside the computer world, definitely was more cohesive as it presented the heart of the story.

Sky Shifter is an intriguing beginning to the Quests of Shadowind. L. A. Miller has obviously done some serious world-building and I look forward to where this series might go.

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