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My Octopus Arms    by Keith Baker order for
My Octopus Arms
by Keith Baker
Order:  USA  Can
Beach Lane, 2013 (2013)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

When Little Crab asks Octopus, What can all your eight arms do?', Octopus is more than ready and willing to demonstrate the benefit of having so many arms.

Octopus can knit a sweater at a fast pace, write more than one letter at a time, bake lots of pies and cakes, and handle all the characters in a puppet show. With multiple arms she can also strum more than one stringed instrument, play eight chess games at the same time, and cleaning up a mess doesn't take very long.

The list grows longer as we see that Octopus is able to do a lot of interesting things with so many arms. When it comes to catching fish, washing dishes, building a brick wall or bouncing balls, no one can match Octopus.

Perhaps the most amazing things about this multifaceted marine creature is that the Octopus' arms also grow very, very long. She can reach out a long way and pull someone to her side and give that individual a hug and make him feel loved.

Children four years of age and older will not only enjoy this rhymed text but the illustrations showing Octopus using her many arms are also a lot of fun. As you read this book with your child, ask him or her what else Octopus might be able to do with so many arms. You might get some interesting and creative answers!

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