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Odyssey    by Walter Mosley order for
by Walter Mosley
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Vintage, 2013 (2013)
* *   Reviewed by Barbara Lingens

Blindness is the theme of this unusual work of Walter Mosley. Sovereign James is first blind physically, then not. This experience makes him realize that his life has been lived as if he were blind.

As Sovereign looks back, he realizes that what he thought was important makes no sense and very little difference. His relations with his family, girl friends, his career and work associates, all come under scrutiny. Blindness also brings his ideas about race into question. As he begins to understand what he really wants and needs, he finds that it may not be possible to change certain things.

This interesting odyssey is comparatively short but nonetheless filled with the people and events always so well depicted by Mosley. Although there seem to be some unfinished or under-explored parts to it, particularly the adventures of Sovereign's brother, the story is nicely finished by the acrobatic ending. True to many of Mosley's protagonists, as mixed up as he thinks he is, Sovereign is always able to see through to the heart of things.

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