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The Attacking Ocean: The Past, Present, and Future of Rising Sea Levels    by Brian Fagan order for
Attacking Ocean
by Brian Fagan
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Bloomsbury, 2013 (2013)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

We hear a lot about rising sea levels, but as Brian Fagan explains this is nothing new. At the end of the Ice Age coastlines were more than 700 feet below where they are today. What is new, though, is the rate at which the ocean levels are rising.

Over time man has easily adjusted to this increase but with so many more people now inhabiting the planet, the move to higher ground isn't as easy as it once was.

Lower coastal regions have become more populated and, as recent storms illustrate places like New Jersey, Louisiana and Bangladesh, have been decimated by a combination of rising sea levels coupled with high tides and violent weather.

In Attacking Ocean, Fagan discusses not only how global warming as been an issue for centuries but how a larger global population has exacerbated the situation as people crowd along the shores to live.

Since the 1860s, climate warming has increased polar meltdowns; thus the ocean's coastal climb has increased, causing more problems for seaside communities. Because of this situation, people residing in the Low Countries in Europe, south Asia and a few of the United States' major cities, like New York, New Orleans and San Francisco, are facing some incredible challenges.

As Fagan writes, this story has 'many narratives and multiple story lines' but the fact remains that considering it a problem to be faced far in the future is no longer valid. The future is just around the corner and we can't continue to procrastinate and pass dealing with this serious issue on to future generations.

If you are interested in global warming and its consequences you'll want to read this informative book that not only traces the past but points to what the future holds for coastal communities around the world.

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