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by Eugenia Price
Order:  USA  Can
Turner, 2013 (2013)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Barbara Lingens

Lovingly written, Savannah is author Eugenia Price's paean to that city in the early 1800s. She has built a story around Robert Mackay and his family. Her Afterword details how much research has gone into the material and that this book will be followed by another. (Actually, this is the first of a quartet.)

The story concerns a young man, Mark, whose mother died while he was very young and who remains a mystery to him. Raised by his grandmother in the Northeast because his father was always away on business, the boy falls in love with Savannah, his mother's birthplace. When he finally arrives there, he is most fortunate to be taken in by the loving Mackay family, and through them he is introduced to his adopted city.

Besides learning about the city itself through its economy, architecture and social life, we are taken into several households to see how it was to live at that time. Slaves were part of every home; God-fearing people could see nothing wrong with owning other human beings, and less Godly people enjoyed the power they had in this situation. When miscegenation occurred it had to be buried or ignored so that everyone could keep pretending there was a real separation between races. Mark's origins and northern point of view allow author Price to bring out all the love and the hate that can be found in this situation and treat them to a slow, practically satisfying solution.

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