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Journey    by Aaron Becker order for
by Aaron Becker
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2013 (2013)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Since this picture book doesn't have any text at all, the person who receives it will have to supply the story, or at least a story to go along with the wonderful illustrations.

The main character is a little girl who appears to be lonely. One day she takes a red marker, which obviously has magical properties, and draws a door on her bedroom wall. Then she pops through that red door and enters a special land. Using her red marker the little girl creates, at different times, a boat, hot air balloon, and flying carpet that provide the transportation she needs as she visits some very exotic places.

Along the way the child encounters a caged bird (a metaphor for her situation a literature major would say!) which she frees. The two remain companions until the story ends and the girl returns home, where the bird seems to return the girl's favor.

Actually, I just gave you my interpretation of Becker's illustrations. You could see it in a similar vein or much differently. That's the beauty of this book; it demands you use your own imagination to create a story to accompany the illustrations.

Obviously Journey would be appropriate for an older child or even an adult. At a certain age (it differs from child to child) youngsters begin to make up their own stories as they play. When you discover that your son or daughter is playing make-believe, you'll know it is time to give the child this book.

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