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Toodle-oo Doodle-oo: Zolocolor!    by Bryon Glaser & Sandra Higashi order for
Toodle-oo Doodle-oo
by Bryon Glaser
Order:  USA  Can
Simon & Schuster, 2013 (2013)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Here's the hottest trend in coloring books for older children and adults who just like to experiment with color. The creators of this new series have produced page upon page of designs and combinations of shapes that cry out for color. Using color pencils, paint, pens or crayons, the person who purchases this book gets to finish each page by adding whatever colors he or she wants to.

The use of heavy paper with designs on only one side means that if you wish to carefully detach the page from the book and frame it or attach it to the refrigerator door, you can do so without damaging the finished product.

'Be adventurous!' urge the authors. 'You just might discover something unexpected about yourself along the way. Use one or many art media: color pencils, felt-tip markers, crayons, or pastels. Color inside the lines, over the black, or off the beaten path. Make up your own shapes within these shapes. Explore the limits and push the boundaries.'

Although this book is recommended for all ages, I believe it makes more sense to give this to a child who has solid manipulative skills and hand coordination. Given the complexity of most of the designs, you probably also want to use coloring devices with fairly good or fine tips. I would begin with color pencils and then experiment with pens and watercolors to see if there would be a problem with the paper absorbing too much moisture. Since crayons don't hold a point well, they may not be the tool to use with this book.

No matter what coloring medium you elect to use, you'll find that this book can provide hours of fun and, as the authors' suggest, 'Be adventurous!' Try different color combinations. Experiment and push the envelope a little to see what's possible!

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