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Days of Wine and Tomatoes: Trials of Katrina #3    by Dale J. Moore order for
Days of Wine and Tomatoes
by Dale J. Moore
Order:  USA  Can
Northern Amusements, 2013 (2013)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Katrina is back in her third novel all about the girl for whom trouble has an affinity. Fun reading. Great to take to the beach, slather on sunscreen, kick back and read about someone else's troubles.

And does Katrina ever have troubles! Days of Wine and Tomatoes by Dale J. Moore documents Katrina's life as she travels with friends to wine country along the shores of Lake Erie. That alone can cause troubles, a group of friends cooped up in a van for hours. They are going to visit Katrina's friend Cathy's Aunt Verna, whose cabin is right on the water and boasts gorgeous sunsets. Cool, right?

Well, maybe not so cool when Aunt Verna disappears. An all-out hunt ensues, but loses momentum when it is discovered that Aunt Verna does this now and again. Slipping off and slipping back home again with no explanation.

While the party enjoys the nearby wineries, Aunt Verna is not far from their minds. We learn copious amounts about wine from what grapes are used for what type of wine, to the harvesting of these grapes and the foods that should be eaten with different types of wines including Ice Wine that is produced when the grapes are left on the vine until after the first frost which, in turn, produces a very sweet wine which is great for an after-dinner tipple.

Enter the tomato festival. Tons of tomatoes are dumped on a large field and a tomato fight ensues! For a bonus, a mystery confronts the group. The characters in this all prove to have their very own personalities, quirky at best. The plot must have been fun to develop. Delightful book.

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