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The Pink Cricket    by Giles Andreae & Janet Cronin order for
Pink Cricket
by Giles Andreae
Order:  USA  Can
Egmont, 2013 (2013)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Everyone knows that crickets are green and play the violin. So when a pink cricket came along who loved to play the drums, everyone laughed. Well, perhaps not everyone, but all the green, violin playing crickets did.

Mr. Pink felt a bit isolated because of his penchant for the drums (his color didn'ít help either), but when a friend invited him to a cricket concert and told Mr. Pink to bring his drums along, he did. And once he was all set up, Mr. Pink launched into a drum solo that was unbelievable.

'Those drums became that cricket's HEART and SOUL and the music POURED out of him like a fresh pure river of GROOVE.'

At first the other crickets laughed and then they cried. Finally they began to cheer and scream. Not only did Mr. Pink discover that marching to his own drummer was the correct course of action, but eventually his peers also decided to accompany him on his unique, musical path.

The message here is about the efficacy of following your own dreams and where that approach can take you. In this cricket's case, it worked out quite satisfactorily.

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