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Reconstructing Amelia    by Kimberly McCreight order for
Reconstructing Amelia
by Kimberly McCreight
Order:  USA  Can
Harper, 2013 (2013)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Convinced she had a healthy relationship with her adolescent daughter and knew Amelia well, Kate Baron was ever so wrong. When the phone call from Amelia's principal came telling Kate her child had been suspended from Grace Hall and she should come pick her daughter up immediately, Kate was speechless.

When Kate arrived at the school, she found the street filled with emergency vehicles. Unfortunately, they were there because a student had committed suicide by jumping off the building's roof. That student was Amelia Baron.

No parent is prepared to deal with such a horrific situation but in this instance all the facts don't add up. Initially the distraught mother accepts the school administration and police explanation that Amelia took her own life after being caught cheating.

Then an anonymous text arrives. All it says is, 'Amelia didn't jump.' Now totally convinced that her well-behaved daughter's death was not self-inflicted, Kate begins digging into Amelia's emails, texts, and Facebook posts as she tries to reconstruct her child's final days. What she discovers is the seamy side of high school life. This harrowing and poignant story of doomed romances, poisonous friendships, and teenage angst explores a world of social networking gone wrong and the dire consequences of such cyber-bullying.

A captivating suspense story that's also is a cautionary tale for our times, Reconstructing Amelia is a dark tale that both adults and older teens should read. This novel tackles an issue that, unfortunately, has been in the news all too often of late.

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