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Go Jojo Go!: A Little Penguin on a Big Swim    by Tessa Bickford & Jennifer Castles order for
Go Jojo Go!
by Tessa Bickford
Order:  USA  Can
Allen & Unwin, 2012 (2012)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

My name is Jojo and I am a penguin. I am really excited about taking my first dive in the cold waters off my Macquarie Island home. My mother says, 'Not yet Jojo, not yet. You have to stay on the beach.'

On the beach around me are large, sleeping elephant seals, noisy skua birds, and other penguin chicks. The other chicks and I share stories we have heard about the nasty orcas that swim just offshore. We all have a plan for what we would do if an orca came after us.

Finally, one day my fuzzy baby coat starts to come off and there are new smooth, shiny feathers underneath. Wow! That's really cool. Now I can begin to practice my swimming technique.

When I think it's time, I again ask my mother if I am ready yet to take to the sea. This time she says, 'Yes you are, Take care and bring me back a fish.'

I think you'll like my picture book. It has page upon page of color photos of me and my friends. You'll also see me wade into the water and actually swim beneath the ocean. And, even better, you'll watch me as I encounter a very large creature, but he doesn't bite me. He gives me a BIG WINK AND SWIMS AWAY. Now what kind of a whale do you think would do that?

Since most boys and girls can't come visit me in the Southern Ocean, this is the best way to learn about my home and see how I live. I think this is a brilliant book!

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