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The Prey    by Andrew Fukuda order for
by Andrew Fukuda
Order:  USA  Can
Griffin, 2013 (2013)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Andrew Fukuda's The Prey is the second in a trilogy following The Hunt. It's a series that makes me think of Planet of the Apes, but with vampires ruling the world instead of simians.

The first episode introduced seventeen-year-old heper Gene, who hid his humanity in a world of vampires. When the Ruler announced a new Heper Hunt, Gene and pretty schoolmate Ashley June were selected in the lottery as hunters. At the Heper Institute (where hunters were trained) Ashley June saved Gene from discovery on several occasions, finally revealing that she too was a disguised heper.

That episode ended with Ashley June in great peril as Gene fled with the humans being hunted. They hoped to reach the land of milk and honey the Scientist had promised them. Gene also learned that the Scientist was his father, whom he had believed dead. Gene, Sissy and the boys she protected took a boat down the river, closely - and very persistently - pursued by Hunters.

After going over a waterfall, they make their way through a cavern and up a long, long ladder to a land free of vampires. In a lovely valley they find the Mission, a community of mostly old men and young women. It's ruled by Krugman, who speaks of a Civilization of humans that still exists. At first it seems utopian but soon that veneer cracks hard. Gene learns more of his father, and comes into conflict with Krugman.

As matters escalate, the valley is attacked by a very well organized army of vampire Hunters. Gene wants to seek his father in his Land of Milk and Honey, Fruit and Sunshine, but is torn by his loyalty to Sissy and the others. And he learns that he is the Origin. This exciting episode ends on a cliffhanger that will leave fans hungry for the conclusion to this unusual and well executed trilogy.

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